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All Towmotor? diesel forklifts are built with a hefty and reliable 44kw engine, which means high lifting and travel speeds for all applications. Towmotor power plants and transmissions are made in the company's own factories to exacting standards and will provide many years of reliable service.

Towmotor gasoline forklift trucks are equipped with the renowned K25 dual fuel engine with the flexibility of either using gasoline or LPG.

Towmotor forklifts also incorporate a full floating powertrain. Full floating axles are more reliable, distribute load better and creates less wear on the axel and transmission components.


Unlike some other forklifts, Towmotor?forklift frames and chassis are fully welded?first by a precision robot and then hand finished by a welding professional. Welding helps create a stronger vehicle that won't twist or strain under high load factors?ensuring continuous, trouble free operation.

Towmotor also puts all its forklifts through hours of rigorous testing before they ever leave the factory floor. Since the frame, chassis, engine and transmission are built and assembled in Towmotor's own factory under strict quality controls, owners can be assured of a high quality, reliable machine that will provide trouble free operation for years to come.


When you buy a Towmotor? "One Man Gang" you can be assured you're buying an American original that is built to last. Quality, reliability and value are the hallmarks of a Towmotor. Towmotor forklifts aren't assembled with components purchased from a loose chain of suppliers in different countries like some truck manufacturers actually do.

By producing all the components in house Towmotor has a much greater control over the final quality of its vehicles. And because the company produces and inspects all Towmotor components and forklifts, Towmotor owners will have a much easier time getting the right parts, on time, should their vehicle ever require maintenance or service.

All Towmotor? forklift trucks are design with operator comfort in mind. Towmotor trucks offer good head clearance, an adjustable seat and a roomy cab with ergonomically designed controls and indicators. The straightforward design of a Towmotor creates more headroom, legroom and visibility.

By producing a machine with fewer frills, Towmotor has actually increased vehicle reliability and made routine maintenance a snap. By design, Towmotor? forklift eliminate the flimsy plastic parts, delicate electronics and found on many other trucks. And with a Towmotor, there are no special tools needed to perform maintenance checks or carry out routine service. In the unlikely event a Towmotor does encounter problems, the vehicles are easy to diagnose and trouble shootthanks to the simplified truck design.



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